Datasheet (pdf)


ATI의 SmartTach는 자기 센서, 엔코더, ECU 출력
또는 점화 코일
등 다양한
신호원으로부터의 펄스
입력을 읽어 모든 엔진의 분당
회전수를 측정하는
입니다. SmartTach는 또한 주파수를
이를 외부 데이터 수집 장치로
모니터링 가능한
아날로그 출력으로 변환하는 기능도 탑재하고

제품의 특장점

  • 측정값에 비례하는 아날로그 전압 출력
  • 디지털 펄스 출력
  • RS-232 직렬 인터페이스

Signal Inputs/Outputs

Pulse Inputs Selectable between Spark (Coil Primary, Inductive Pickup) and Trigger (Digital, VRS) modes
Measurement range from 0.5 Hz to 500 KHz
Trigger voltage range +/-75 V
Intelligent signal conditioning in Trigger Mode
Analog Voltage Input Auxiliary analog voltage input used together with range outputs
Input voltage levels may be programmed along with range outputs
0 to 5 V input range
Analog Voltage Output Optically isolated analog voltage output proportional to measurement
Programmable scaling, offset and range in engineering units
Maximum output range 0 to 10 V
12- bit D/A (+/- 0.003 V resolution)
Digital Pulse Output Optically isolated digital 5 V conditioned pulse output corresponding to input signal
May be used to connect to other instrumentation requiring conditioned signals
Range Outputs Three user programmable range outputs
Speed ranges for output activation may be independently programmed
Optically isolated solid state relay (contact-closure) outputs

Other Inputs/Outputs

Communication Port RS-232 Serial Port, 75-9600 BAUD
May be used for obtaining data from the unit and for remote configuration
Power Supply Requires 10-30 VDC at 10W maximum
Internal regulated power supply


Enclosure Aluminum and steel, black color, water and oil resistant
Dimensions: (WDH) 141 x 138 x 39 mm / 5.57 x 5.45 x 1.52 in
Weight: 0.58 kg / 1.3 lbs


TachSensor Measures engine speed when clamped around an Ignition Primary wire (with 15-pin Dsub connector); 3.66m cable
Optical Diesel RPM Pickup Measures speed of any rotating object (includes sensor)
Inductive Spark Plug Wire Sensor Measures spark event (or engine speed) when clamped around a Secondary Ignition; 3.66m cable
DC Power Plug 2-pin open connector
Dual DC-Power Plug With Wire, Y-cable Adapter
AC/DC Power Supply With AC Cord
SmartTach with Rackmount System Includes 1 SmartTach, 1 power supply, 1 bracket, and 1 blank rack cover
19 in 1HU rack mount Rack mount designed for mounting one or two units in a cabinet
Blank Rack Cover Plate Covers holes on bracket