Datasheet (pdf)

Ignition Timing Meter

IGTM-200은 엔진 개발과 시험을 위한 고정밀
점화시기 측정기로써,
엔진의 정상
상태 및 과도
응답 시험 중 점화, 캠축 또는 분사 시기를
정확도로 실시간
측정할 수 있습니다.

제품의 특장점

  • 입력 신호 레벨의 자동 인식
  • 자기 센서의 신호 진폭 변동에 의한 간섭을
    최소화 하기 위한
    임계값 및
    레벨의 동적 조정
  • 크랭크축 위치 신호등의 사전 프로그램 된
    점화시기 패턴 중
    선택 또는
    사용자 입력

Signal Inputs/Outputs

Crankshaft Reference (REF) Provides absolute timing reference
Input voltage range +/-75 V
Intelligent signal conditioning
BNC connection
Crankshaft Angle (ANG) Optional signal
36-3600 Pulse per rev signal
Input voltage range +/-75 V
Maximum frequency 500 kHz
Intelligent signal conditioning
BNC connection
Spark Event Trigger (TRG) Low-level spark event signal
Input voltage range +/-75 V
Intelligent signal conditioning
BNC connection
Spark Event Pulse (SPK) High-level spark or injection event signal
Inductive pickup or coil primary
Programmable signal conditioning
BNC connection
Analog Ignition Timing (ANO) Maximum output range -10.2 V to +10.2 V
Programmable scaling, offset and range
12-bit D/A resolution (+/-0.005 V accuracy)
BNC connection

Other Inputs/Outputs

Power Supply Requires 10-30 VDC @ 15 W maximum
Internal regulated power supply
Plug-in terminal strip connection
Communication Port RS-232, 75 - 9600 Baud
DB-9F (Industry Standard 9-pin) connection
Expansion Port Out of range warning outputs (5 V logic)
Sensor input monitor signals (5 V logic)
Interface for Analog RPM Adapter accessory


Display (2) 4-digit, 0.56 in (14.2 mm) display indicators
(4) Sensor input status LEDs
(3) Operating mode LEDs
(4) Pushbutton switches
Enclosure Black aluminum, water and oil resistant
Approximate dimensions: 180 x 105 x 43 mm/ 7.1 x 4.1 x 1.7 in
Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.6 lbs


Analog RPM Module Produces an analog voltage output for RPM when connected to the IGTM Expansion port
Differential Input Module Ensures that all production ECU sensor outputs will be "true Zero cross”
Analog RPM Adapter Cable Connects the Analog RPM Adapter to the Ignition Timing Meter; 6ft
Inductive Pickup Measures spark event when clamped around a Secondary Ignition cable
DC Power Plug 2-pin open connector